Occurrence record: Observations:101382948

Human observation of Dendrilla cactos (Selenka, 1867) | Sponge recorded on 2021-11-18
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Data resource iNaturalist Australia
Institution code Supplied institution code "iNaturalist"
Collection code Supplied collection code "Observations"
Catalog number 101382948
Occurrence ID https://www.inaturalist.org/observations/101382948
Basis of record Human observation
Supplied basis "HumanObservation"
Identified by Matt Tank  
Identified date 2021-11-18T05:48:06Z
Collector Tank, Matt  
Supplied as "Matt Tank"
Associated Occurrence Status Associated record
Associated occurrences The occurrence is associated with a representative record.
For more information see Inferred associated occurrence details
License CC-BY-NC 4.0 (Int)
Supplied as http://creativecommons.org/licenses/by-nc/4.0/
Rights holder Matt Tank
Occurrence status PRESENT
Duplicate status ASSOCIATED
Identification verification status research
Date identified 2021-11-18T05:48:06Z
Identification ID 221401172


Dataset / Survey name iNaturalist research-grade observations  
Occurrence date 2021-11-18
Supplied date "2021-11-18T11:11:00+10:30"
Verbatim event date 2021/11/18 11:11 AM ACDT
Date precision DAY
Event time 11:11:00+10:30


Scientific name Dendrilla cactos
Taxon rank species
Common name Sponge
Kingdom Animalia
Phylum Porifera
Class Demospongiae
Order Dendroceratida
Family Darwinellidae
Genus Dendrilla
Species Dendrilla cactos
Match type exactMatch
Scientific name authorship (Selenka, 1867)


Country Australia
State or Territory South Australia
Latitude -35.084734
Supplied as: "-35.0847341617"
Longitude 137.74969
Supplied as: "137.7496896828"
Geodetic datum EPSG:4326
Verbatim locality 5-7 Edith St, Edithburgh SA 5583, Australia
Coordinate precision Unknown
Coordinate uncertainty in meters 82.0
Terrestrial true
Marine false
Country code AU

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    Inferred associated occurrence details

    This record is associated with the representative record. This mean another record has been detected to be similar to this record, and that the other record (the representative record) has the most detailed information for the occurrence. More information about the duplication detection methods and terminology in use is available here:

    Representative Record
    Record UUID 439d7323-8e2e-402f-abc8-288a217505d1
    Data Resource iNaturalist Australia
    Raw Scientific Name Dendrilla cactos
    Coordinates -35.084734,137.74969
    Related records
    Record UUID d23ce885-fdc2-474b-8c61-14fa5af441c7
    Data Resource iNaturalist Australia
    Raw Scientific Name Dendrilla cactos
    Coordinates -35.084734,137.74969

    Additional political boundaries information

    Area Management
    CAPAD 2016 Marine Lower Yorke Peninsula
    CAPAD 2020 Marine Lower Yorke Peninsula
    NRM Regions 2010 Northern and Yorke
    NRM Regions 2017 Northern and Yorke
    Area management
    National Landcare Program Management Units 2018 Northern and Yorke
    IMCRA 4 Regions Spencer Gulf Shelf Province
    IMCRA Meso-scale Bioregions St Vincent Gulf
    States including coastal waters South Australia (including Coastal Waters)
    Vegetation types - native Melaleuca forests and woodlands
    Vegetation types - present cleared, non-native vegetation, buildings

    Environmental sampling for this location

    Precipitation - annual (Bio12) 388.0 mm
    Precipitation - coldest quarter (Bio19) 163.0 mm
    Precipitation - driest period (Bio14) 3.0 mm
    Precipitation - driest quarter (Bio17) 40.0 mm
    Precipitation - seasonality (Bio15) 52.0 mm
    Precipitation - warmest quarter (Bio18) 41.0 mm
    Precipitation - wettest period (Bio13) 14.0 mm
    Precipitation - wettest quarter (Bio16) 165.0 mm
    Radiation - annual mean (Bio20) 17.6 MJ/m2/day
    Radiation - seasonality (Bio23) 41.0
    Radiation - warmest quarter (Bio26) 25.4 MJ/m2/day
    Temperature - annual mean (Bio01) 16.4 degrees C
    Temperature - annual range (Bio07) 17.7 degrees C
    Temperature - coldest period min (Bio06) 8.2 degrees C
    Temperature - coldest quarter mean (Bio11) 12.2 degrees C
    Temperature - diurnal range mean (Bio02) 8.2 degrees C
    Temperature - driest quarter mean (Bio09) 20.6 degrees C
    Temperature - isothermality (Bio03) 0.46 %
    Temperature - seasonality (Bio04) 1.15
    Temperature - warmest period max (Bio05) 25.9 degrees C
    Temperature - warmest quarter (Bio10) 20.7 degrees C
    Temperature - wettest quarter mean (Bio08) 12.3 degrees C
    Moisture Index - annual mean (Bio28) 0.35
    Moisture Index - highest quarter mean (Bio32) 0.76