Occurrence record: NSW:NSW 1061199

PreservedSpecimen of Genoplesium baueri


Data partner Australia's Virtual Herbarium
Data resource MEL AVH data
Institution code The Royal Botanic Gardens & Domain Trust
Supplied institution code "NSW"
Collection code National Herbarium of New South Wales
Supplied collection code "NSW"
Catalog number NSW 1061199
Occurrence ID NSW:NSW:NSW 1061199
Basis of record Preserved specimen
Preparations sheet
Collector Grimm, W.A.
Record number Gb20C042
License CC-BY 4.0 (Int)
State conservation New South Wales: Endangered
Data generalizations Latitude/Longitude is missing. Sensitive in NSW, Name: New South Wales, Zone: STATE [NSW Category 2 Conservation Protected, NSW OEH]
Establishment means native
Occurrence remarks Collection made at 11:11 AM (Summer time). Occasional (n=67), single stemmed herb to 0.2 m tall. Collected plant has 3 white/pink/green flowers on inflorescence to 0.1 m tall. Collected with (possible Chloropid) pollinator is in photo IMG-9963 - Colelction WA Grimm9963 (to be deposited at Australian Museum). COLLECTING PERMIT of WAG - SL101885.
Occurrence status present
Abcd identification qualifier Not provided


Collecting date Year: 2020, Month: 03, Day:
Date precision Day


Scientific name Genoplesium baueri
Supplied scientific name "Genoplesium baueri R.Br."
Taxon rank species
Kingdom Plantae
Phylum Charophyta
Class Equisetopsida
Order Asparagales
Family Orchidaceae
Genus Genoplesium
Species Genoplesium baueri
Taxonomic issue No issues
Name match metric Exact match
The supplied name matched the name exactly.
Name parse type SCIENTIFIC
Scientific name authorship R.Br.


Country Australia
State / Province New South Wales
Supplied as "Open woodland gently descending ridge with southerly aspect. Trees: Eucalyptus haemastoma, E. oblonga, Corymbia gummifera, Angophora hispida. Shrubs: Leptospermum trinervium, Kunzea ambigua, Lambertia formosa, Persoonia levis, Banksia ericifolia, Banksia serrata, Acacia suaveolens, Acacia ulicifolia, Grevillea sericea, Petrophile pulchella, Hakea teretifolia, Bossiaea heterophylla, Epacris microphylla, Lomandra obliqua, Dampiera stricta, Entolasia stricta, Anisopogon avenaceus Actinotus minor, Cyathochaeta diandra. Terrestrial orchids include: Acianthus pusillus, Caladenia alata, Corybas undulatus, Cryptostylis erecta, C. subulata, Dipodium variegatum, Diuris aurea, Eriochilus petricola, Corunastylis filiformis, C. fimbriata, C. densa, C. ruppii, Genoplesium baueri, Glossodia minor, Orthoceras strictum, Pterostylis acuminata, P. parviflora, Thelymitra ixioides."
Coordinates generalised Due to sensitivity concerns, the coordinates of this record have been generalised: "Latitude/Longitude is missing. Sensitive in NSW, Name: New South Wales, Zone: STATE [NSW Category 2 Conservation Protected, NSW OEH]".

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