Occurrence record: MI-FLORA-1979:MI-FLORA-1979-3217

HumanObservation of Poa foliosa recorded on 1978-01-01


Data provider Australian Antarctic Data Centre
Data resource Annotated Atlas of the Vascular Flora of Macquarie Island - 1979
Institution Supplied institution code "AADC"
Collection Supplied collection code "MI-FLORA-1979"
Catalogue Number MI-FLORA-1979-3217
Occurrence ID urn:catalog:AADC:MI-FLORA-1979:MI-FLORA-1979-3217
Basis of record Human observation
Observer Copson, G. Geoff
Supplied as "Geoff Copson"
Individual count 3
Field notes Count is a measure of abundance 1=sparse, 2=local, 3=common, 4-widespread
Information withheld collector identities withheld
Bibliographic citation see http://data.aad.gov.au/metadata/records/mi_vascular_plants_census_1979
Occurrence status present
Abcd identification qualifier Not provided


Record date 1978-01-01
Supplied as year:1978  month:1  day:1 
Date precision Day
Event time 1978-01-01 00:00:00+00


Scientific name Poa foliosa
Taxon rank species
Kingdom Plantae
Phylum Charophyta
Supplied as "Magnoliophyta"
Class Equisetopsida
Supplied as "Liliopsida"
Order Poales
Supplied as "Cyperales"
Family Poaceae
Genus Poa
Species Poa foliosa
Taxonomic issues No issues
Name match metric Exact match
The supplied name matched the name exactly.
Name parse type SCIENTIFIC
Scientific name authorship (Hook.f.) Hook.f.


Country Australia
State or Territory Tasmania
Latitude -54.66830000
Longitude 158.83550000
Geodetic datum EPSG:4326
Water body Southern Ocean
Field notes Count is a measure of abundance 1=sparse, 2=local, 3=common, 4-widespread
Coordinate precision Unknown
Coordinate uncertainty in metres 500.0
Biome Terrestrial

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    Invalid collection date Passed
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    Data are generalised Passed
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    Invalid scientific name Passed
    Name not in national checklists Passed
    Decimal coordinates not supplied Passed
    Coordinates are transposed Passed
    Coordinates are out of range for species Passed
    Supplied coordinates are zero Passed
    Zero latitude Passed
    Zero longitude Passed
    Supplied country not recognised Passed
    Coordinate uncertainty not valid Passed
    Coordinate uncertainty not specified Passed
    Location not supplied Passed
    Country inferred from coordinates Passed
    Supplied coordinates centre of state Passed
    Coordinates centre of country Passed
    Missing geodetic datum Passed
    Habitat incorrect for species Passed
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    Additional political boundaries information

    Area Management
    CAPAD 2010 Terrestrial Macquarie Island (World Heritage)
    CAPAD 2012 Terrestrial Macquarie Island (World Heritage)
    CAPAD 2014 Terrestrial Macquarie Island (World Heritage)
    CAPAD 2016 Marine Macquarie Island
    NRM Regions 2010 Condamine
    NRM Regions 2014 Condamine
    NRM Regions 2015 Condamine
    NRM Regions 2017 Condamine
    NRM Regions 2017 (Qld 2019) Southern Queensland Landscapes
    Freshwater Ecoregions of the World Murray - Darling
    IBRA 7 Regions Nandewar
    IBRA 7 Subregions Nandewar Northern Complex
    Terrestrial Ecoregional Boundaries Eastern Australian Temperate Forests
    Geomorphology of the Australian Margin and adjacent seafloor Ridge
    Marine Ecoregions of the World Tweed-Moreton
    States including coastal waters Queensland (including Coastal Waters)
    Australian States and Territories Queensland
    Local Government Areas 2012 deprecated Warwick - West
    World Country Boundaries Australia
    Surface Geology of Australia Cstx

    Environmental sampling for this location

    Endemism 0.0069103194
    Endemism (Non-marine) 0.0069349133
    Occurrence Density 990.0 frequency
    Shannon Diversity (H) 5.0533285 index
    Species Richness 277.0 frequency
    Bathymetry and Elvation 9 sec 638.0 m