Occurrence record: CANB:CANB 222409



Data provider Australia's Virtual Herbarium
Data resource Australia's Virtual Herbarium
Institution Centre for Australian National Biodiversity Research
Supplied institution code "CANB"
Collection Australian National Herbarium
Catalogue number CANB 222409
Basis of record Preserved specimen
Identified by Vicot, R.
Identified date 1965-09-20
Identifier role det.
Field number 12.319
Collector Mackee, M.
Collecting number 12.319
Collecting date 1965-05-27
Collection code CANB
Occurrence remarks Arbuste de 2 metres. Corolle blanche. Etamines pourfres[?]. Fleurs odorantes. [Shrub to 2 m. Corolla white. ...Flowers scented.]
Identification id 2159946
Date identified 1965-09-20
Typified name Garnieria spathulifolia Brongn. & Gris


Scientific name Proteaceae
Supplied scientific name "Garnieria spathulifolia Brongn. & Gris"
Taxon rank family
Kingdom Plantae
Phylum Charophyta
Class Equisetopsida
Order Proteales
Family Proteaceae
Genus Garnieria
Species Garnieria spathulifolia
Taxonomic issues No issues
Name match metric Higher taxon match
The match is based on the higher level classification.
Scientific name authorship Brongn. & Gris
Nomenclatural code ICBN
Scientific name without author Garnieria spathulifolia
Name parse type wellformed


Country New Caledonia
Locality Route de Yate, 1 km avant l'embranchement de la route du Carenage. [Road to Yate 1 km before turning of road to Carenage].
Supplied as "Maquis serpentineux. Feuilles vert fonce en dessus, un peu plus clair au dessous. [Heath on serpentine soils. Leaves dark green above, a little lighter below]."
Generalised locality not available

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