Occurrence record: RMNH.INS:RMNH.INS.313490

PreservedSpecimen of Cethosia penthesilea | Orange Lacewing


Data partner Global Biodiversity Information Facility
Data resource GBIF records
Institution code Supplied institution code "NNM"
Catalog number RMNH.INS.313490
Basis of record Preserved specimen
Supplied basis "specimen"
Rights MNH_LEPIDOPTERA_SE_ASIA version 2008-05-07 Contact Drs. J. van Tol (tol@naturalis.nl)
More details http://data.gbif.org/occurrences/185742803/
Associated Occurrence Status Associated record
Associated occurrences The occurrence is associated with a representative record.
For more information see Inferred associated occurrence details
License other
Occurrence status present
Collection code RMNH.INS
Abcd identification qualifier Not provided


Date precision Not Supplied


Scientific name Cethosia penthesilea
Supplied scientific name "Cethosia penthesilea Cramer"
Taxon rank species
Common name Orange Lacewing
Kingdom Animalia
Phylum Arthropoda
Class Insecta
Order Lepidoptera
Family Nymphalidae
Genus Cethosia
Species Cethosia penthesilea
Taxonomic issue No issues
Name match metric Canonical name match
The supplied name was parsed into canonical form before a match was found.
Name parse type wellformed
Scientific name authorship Cramer


Higher geography Asia
Country Indonesia
Locality Djampang
Latitude -6.47417
Longitude 106.72389
Geodetic datum EPSG:4326
Coordinate precision Unknown

Additional properties

Dataset name NLBIF
Rights holder Naturalis National Natural History Museum (NL) – Insecta_Lepidoptera_SE Asia and other regions

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    Invalid collection date Failed
    Incomplete collection date Warning
    Occurrence status assumed to be present Warning
    Geodetic datum assumed WGS84 Warning
    Basis of record not supplied Passed
    Basis of record badly formed Passed
    Missing catalogue number Passed
    Data are generalised Passed
    Name not supplied Passed
    Kingdom not recognised Passed
    Name not recognised Passed
    Invalid scientific name Passed
    Name not in national checklists Passed
    Decimal coordinates not supplied Passed
    Coordinates are transposed Passed
    Coordinates are out of range for species Passed
    Supplied coordinates are zero Passed
    Zero latitude Passed
    Zero longitude Passed
    Supplied country not recognised Passed
    Location not supplied Passed
    Country inferred from coordinates Passed
    Supplied coordinates centre of state Passed
    Coordinates centre of country Passed
    Missing geodetic datum Passed
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    Inferred associated occurrence details

    This record is associated with the representative record. This mean another record has been detected to be similar to this record, and that the other record (the representative record) has the most detailed information for the occurrence. More information about the duplication detection methods and terminology in use is available here:

    Representative Record
    Record UUID d5422cca-e993-4099-b631-65b6391f77ef
    Data Resource GBIF records
    Raw Scientific Name Cethosia penthesilea Cramer
    Coordinates -6.47417,106.72389
    Related records
    Record UUID 87476824-378e-4df7-8e2a-2235b4c636d5
    Data Resource GBIF records
    Raw Scientific Name Cethosia penthesilea Cramer
    Coordinates -6.47417,106.72389
    Comments One of the collectors was null or unknown
    Occurrence was compared without date
    Coordinates were identical

    Additional political boundaries information

    Freshwater Ecoregions of the World Southern Sumatra - Western Java
    Terrestrial Ecoregional Boundaries Western Java Rain Forests
    World Anthropogenic Biomes (2000) Urban
    Marine Ecoregions of the World Southern Java
    World Country Boundaries Indonesia

    Environmental sampling for this location

    Endemism 0.021992795
    Endemism (Non-marine) 0.0
    Occurrence Density 3.5925925 frequency
    Shannon Diversity (H) 0.0 index
    Species Richness 0.012345679 frequency
    WorldClim: Precipitation - annual 3343.0 mm
    WorldClim: Precipitation - coldest quarter 1047.0 mm
    WorldClim: Precipitation - driest month 164.0 mm
    WorldClim: Precipitation - driest quarter 538.0 mm
    WorldClim: Precipitation - seasonality 25.0
    WorldClim: Precipitation - warmest quarter 796.0 mm
    WorldClim: Precipitation - wettest month 385.0 mm
    WorldClim: Precipitation - wettest quarter 1047.0 mm
    WorldClim: Temperature - annual mean 266.0 degrees C * 10
    WorldClim: Temperature - annual range 113.0 degrees C * 10
    WorldClim: Temperature - coldest month min 211.0 degrees C * 10
    WorldClim: Temperature - coldest quarter mean 260.0 degrees C * 10
    WorldClim: Temperature - diurnal range mean 93.0 degrees C * 10
    WorldClim: Temperature - driest quarter mean 265.0 degrees C * 10
    WorldClim: Temperature - isothermality 82.0 %
    WorldClim: Temperature - seasonality 406.0 standard deviation (degrees C * 10) * 100
    WorldClim: Temperature - warmest month max 324.0 degrees C * 10
    WorldClim: Temperature - warmest quarter mean 270.0 degrees C * 10
    WorldClim: Temperature - wettest quarter mean 260.0 degrees C * 10