Occurrence record: IASB:IASB-2197

Eudyptes chrysocome | Rockhopper Penguin


Data provider Australian Antarctic Data Centre
Data resource Inventory of Antarctic seabird breeding sites
Institution Supplied institution code "AADC"
Catalogue number IASB-2197
Basis of record Human observation
Supplied basis "O"
Record date 1981-01-01
Supplied as year:1981  month:01  day:01 
Associated Occurrence Status Associated record
Inferred Associated Occurrences The occurrence is associated with a representative record.
For more information see Inferred associated occurrence details
Collection code IASB


Scientific name Eudyptes chrysocome
Taxon rank species
Common name Rockhopper Penguin
Class AVES
Genus Eudyptes
Species Eudyptes chrysocome
Taxonomic issues No issues
Name match metric Exact match
The supplied name matched the name exactly.
Scientific name authorship 0
Name parse type wellformed


Country French Southern Territories
Supplied as "France"
State or territory Iles Amsterdam & St Paul
Locality Ile Amsterdam
Latitude -37.833
Longitude 77.517
Geodetic datum EPSG:4326
Minimum depth in metres 0
Maximum depth in metres 0
Coordinate precision Unknown
Coordinate uncertainty in metres 500.0
Continent Southern Ocean

Additional properties

portal id 97202456
user quality assertion false

User flagged issues 

Data quality tests

Test name Result
Coordinates dont match supplied country Failed
Possible duplicate record Failed
First of the month Warning
First of the year Warning
Geodetic datum assumed WGS84 Warning
Basis of record not supplied Passed
Basis of record badly formed Passed
Invalid collection date Passed
incompleteCollectionDate Passed
First of the century Passed
Missing catalogue number Passed
Data are generalised Passed
Name not supplied Passed
Kingdom not recognised Passed
Name not recognised Passed
Invalid scientific name Passed
Name not in national checklists Passed
Decimal coordinates not supplied Passed
Min and max depth reversed Passed
Coordinates are transposed Passed
Coordinates are out of range for species Passed
Supplied coordinates are zero Passed
Supplied country not recognised Passed
Coordinate uncertainty not valid Passed
Coordinate uncertainty not specified Passed
Location not supplied Passed
Country inferred from coordinates Passed
Supplied coordinates centre of state Passed
Coordinates centre of country Passed
Missing geodetic datum Passed
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Inferred associated occurrence details

This record is associated with the representative record. This mean another record has been detected to be similar to this record, and that the other record (the representative record) has the most detailed information for the occurrence. More information about the duplication detection methods and terminology in use is available here:

Additional political boundaries information

Freshwater Ecoregions of the World Unnamed
Terrestrial Ecoregional Boundaries Amsterdam And Saint-Paul Islands Temperate Grasslands
Marine Ecoregions of the World Amsterdam-St Paul
World Country Boundaries French Southern Territories

Environmental sampling for this location

Occurrence Density 69.0 frequency
Species Richness 7.0 frequency
WorldClim: Precipitation - annual 1184.0 mm
WorldClim: Precipitation - coldest quarter 295.0 mm
WorldClim: Precipitation - driest month 85.0 mm
WorldClim: Precipitation - driest quarter 270.0 mm
WorldClim: Precipitation - seasonality 11.0
WorldClim: Precipitation - warmest quarter 275.0 mm
WorldClim: Precipitation - wettest month 117.0 mm
WorldClim: Precipitation - wettest quarter 342.0 mm
WorldClim: Temperature - annual mean 118.0 degrees C * 10
WorldClim: Temperature - annual range 109.0 degrees C * 10
WorldClim: Temperature - coldest month min 71.0 degrees C * 10
WorldClim: Temperature - coldest quarter mean 93.0 degrees C * 10
WorldClim: Temperature - diurnal range mean 47.0 degrees C * 10
WorldClim: Temperature - driest quarter mean 105.0 degrees C * 10
WorldClim: Temperature - isothermality 43.0 %
WorldClim: Temperature - seasonality 2179.0 standard deviation (degrees C * 10) * 100
WorldClim: Temperature - warmest month max 180.0 degrees C * 10
WorldClim: Temperature - warmest quarter mean 148.0 degrees C * 10
WorldClim: Temperature - wettest quarter mean 113.0 degrees C * 10
Nitrate - mean (cars2006) 3.528665 uM
Phosphate - mean (cars2006) 0.4577236 uM
Salinity - mean (cars2009a) 35.17779 PSU
Silicate - mean (cars2006) 3.5529428 uM
Temperature - mean (cars2009a) 14.874689 degrees C
oxygen - mean (cars2006) 5.732051 ml/l
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