Occurrence Records - Index Fields

This table provides information on the occurrence record field types and mappings between search terms, JSON output terms (see ALA web services), download headers, readable names, descriptions, Darwin Core (DwC) terms and classes, as well as other miscellaneous attributes. Data is derived from the JSON web service: https://biocache-ws.ala.org.au/ws/index/fields. More information can be found on the wiki page.
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Search term JSON output Download term DwC term DwC class Description Download description Other attributes
occurrence_remarks raw_occurrenceRemarks occurrence_remarks occurrenceRemarks Occurrence Comments or notes about the Occurrence. S string
occurrence_status occurrence_status occurrenceStatus Occurrence A statement about the presence or absence of a Taxon at a Location. Recommended best practice is to use a controlled vocabulary. Occurrence status I S string
order order order order Taxon The full scientific name of the order in which the taxon is classified. Order I S string
original_name_usage original_name_usage originalNameUsage Taxon The taxon name, with authorship and date information if known, as it originally appeared when first established under the rules of the associated nomenclaturalCode. The basionym (botany) or basonym (bacteriology) of the scientificName or the senior/earlier homonym for replaced names. I S string
other_catalog_numbers other_catalog_numbers otherCatalogNumbers Occurrence A list (concatenated and separated) of previous or alternate fully qualified catalog numbers or other human-used identifiers for the same Occurrence, whether in the current or any other data set or collection. I S string
owner_institution_code owner_institution_code ownerInstitutionCode Record The name (or acronym) in use by the institution having ownership of the object(s) or information referred to in the record. I S string
parent_name_usage parent_name_usage parentNameUsage Taxon The full name, with authorship and date information if known, of the direct, most proximate higher-rank parent taxon (in a classification) of the most specific element of the scientificName. I S string
phylum phylum phylum phylum Taxon The full scientific name of the phylum or division in which the taxon is classified. Phylum I S string
preparations preparations preparations Occurrence A list (concatenated and separated) of preparations and preservation methods for a specimen. Preparations I S string
previous_identifications previous_identifications previousIdentifications Organism A list (concatenated and separated) of previous assignments of names to the Organism. I S string