Occurrence Records - Index Fields

This table provides information on the occurrence record field types and mappings between search terms, JSON output terms (see ALA web services), download headers, readable names, descriptions, Darwin Core (DwC) terms and classes, as well as other miscellaneous attributes. Data is derived from the JSON web service: https://biocache-ws.ala.org.au/ws/index/fields. More information can be found on the wiki page.
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Search term JSON output Download term DwC term DwC class Description Download description Other attributes
georeference_verification_status georeference_verification_status georeferenceVerificationStatus Location A categorical description of the extent to which the georeference has been verified to represent the best possible spatial description. Recommended best practice is to use a controlled vocabulary. I S string
georeferenced_by georeferenced_by georeferencedBy Location A list (concatenated and separated) of names of people, groups, or organizations who determined the georeference (spatial representation) for the Location. I S string
georeferenced_date georeferenced_date georeferencedDate Location The date on which the Location was georeferenced. Recommended best practice is to use an encoding scheme, such as ISO 8601:2004(E). I S string
habitat habitat habitat Event A category or description of the habitat in which the Event occurred. I S string
higher_classification higher_classification higherClassification Taxon A list (concatenated and separated) of taxa names terminating at the rank immediately superior to the taxon referenced in the taxon record. I S string
higher_geography higher_geography higherGeography Location A list (concatenated and separated) of geographic names less specific than the information captured in the locality term. I S string
id uuid id recordID Occurrence Record ID Record ID I S string
identification_id identification_id identificationID Identification An identifier for the Identification (the body of information associated with the assignment of a scientific name). May be a global unique identifier or an identifier specific to the data set. I S string
identification_qualifier identification_qualifier identificationQualifier Identification A brief phrase or a standard term ("cf.", "aff.") to express the determiner's doubts about the Identification. I S string
identification_references identification_references identificationReferences Identification A list (concatenated and separated) of references (publication, global unique identifier, URI) used in the Identification. I S string